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First of all, expect an icon post this week. A fairly big one at that! :D

Now, more serious business. I am very flattered when I see people using styles similar to ones I've made up. Similar. Meaning some likenesses, but enough difference that no one but myself would notice.

Recently I have found someone (and it isn't the first time) copying several of my icons almost exactly. Anyone who is a member of narnia_icontest knows I have no tolerance for people copying icon styles exactly, mine or anyone else's. It isn't really your icon, and it isn't being inspired by someone if you change the base and do to it exactly what someone else did.

I've asked other people, and they agree that a certain person has been blatantly copying my icons. I ask you now, please don't. I work really hard on my graphics, and to see someone else taking credit for an exact icon style that I took the time to make just, for lack of a better word, sucks.

And if at all possible, please remove any icons that you have copied of mine. It's not even that they're mine, it's the principle of the thing. I get frustrated when I see my friends' styles copied, and when I see mine it's no different. Inspiration and copying are two totally different things.

Thank you.

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083: Textures 001

So many people have been helpful when it comes to textures on LJ, and I thought it was time I gave back. Here are 11 black and white textures I made from photos I took.

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3. Enjoy!

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I've also gone through my 20 or so most recent entries and tagged them, so if there is a certain fandom of my icons you are looking for, you may now find them using the tag list on the left sidebar of my journal!
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